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THKAG (Torontonian HongKongers Action Group) started as a proactive supporting group in Toronto, formed in June 2019. It held its own campaigns, like the NBA shirt giveaway and art exhibition, to raise awareness and exposure in supporting the pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong.


The group worked tirelessly and collaboratively with global and local groups, as well as Canadian MPs on advocacy for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It also focuses on helping and supporting other groups and organizations to host their events. Its strength is that most members are relatively versatile. The group is willing to cooperate with other groups and organizations with a goodwill fighting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


THKAG organizes events like rallies, exhibitions, movie screening, public gatherings, to keep Canadians' awareness on the human rights situation of Hong Kong, and how it may affect every Canadian if the CCP is allowed to expand their power of influence in Canada and throughout the world.
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